Emil Edward Vondrachek 

*9 Jan 1892 - †6 Jan 1980


a) Emil and Anna celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary at St. Mary's and at Kabat's in Reedsville in 1968. At that time, Emil was a member of the Holy Name Society at St. Mary's and Anna was a member of St. Ann Altar Society. They had engaged in farming on the farm formerly owned by his brother, Joseph Anton, near Grimms. They retired in 1959, and moved into Reedsville, living on Madison Street. They both enjoyed gardening, and she did needlework.
Emil farmed in North Dakota through the 1930s, returning to Wisconsin in the 1940s. Prior to the return to Wisconsin, Emil lost his N. Dakota barn, equipment and horses due to a fire started by one of his sons. Hay was stacked that year in the field, where another son started a few piles on fire. Emil, a good baseball player, injured his knees in baseball field gopher holes. He went home from one Sunday afternoon game unable to walk. In latter life, his knees bowed out extensively and plagued him until his death. Back in Wisconsin, he rented a farm that had been owned by his brother, Joseph Anton, which previously belonged to their Dad (part of a 400 acres plot).