Matthias Geigel 

*24 Dec 1830 - †24 Apr 1902


a) Came to America July 24, 1867 on the vessel "Ocean", arrived in port at Baltimore, Maryland from port of Bremen, Germany. Their vessel tickets listed their nationality as Bohemia, and their destination as Ohio. Tickets are for Matthias, Katharine, and Joseph. Eva Geigel also arrived on the same ship, could be siblings, but not 100% sure.nWe believe Matthias & Katharine settled on the farm which was later the Leonard Tienor farm , now in the township of Cato.nMatthias and Katherina are buried at St. Mary's cemetery at Clarks Mills. Their tombstone is written in German. Geb. = geboren = born. Gest. = gestorben = died. Alter = age. Jahre = year.nnIn the 1870 census of Manitowoc County, Cato township, there is a family listed with the last name of Kigger, consisting of Mathias, Catherine, Joseph and John with the right ages for the Geigel family. The census people probably just put the name down the way it sounded when they heard it.nnFrom Der Nord Westen, 08 May 1902:nWe must belatedly report that Mathias Geigel died suddenly in Clarks Mills on 24 Apr. Mr. Geigel felt perfectly well all day and retired. Shortly afterward he cried out loudly and his wife asked what was wrong, to which he replied that he had had a terrible dream. A few minutes later Mrs. Geigel directed another question at her husband, but there was no answer and it was found that he was no longer breathing and life was gone. A stroke had killed him. Mathias Geigel reached the age of 74 years. 4 mos., was born in Bohemia, came to America about 36 yrs. ago and settled in Clarks Mills where he has lived ever since. He is survived by his sorrowing widow and 2 (should be 3) children. His funeral was held Mon. last week.