Frank J. Kubale 

*30 Nov 1872 - †27 Mar 1951


a) FRANK J. KUBALEnThis is a biosketch from "History of Manitowoc County Wisconsin"nby Dr. L. Falge. 1911-1912, v. 2, p. 350.nnFrank J. Kubale, one of the business men of the town of Rockland, was born in Manitowoc County, November 30, 1872, and is now residing on section 3, where he owns an acre of land. He is a son of Albert and Frances (Hajek) Kubale, natives of Bohemia, who married in Wisconsin in 1869, and settled on a farm in the town of Rockland. This farm has continued to be their home ever since.nFrank J. Kubale was educated in the scools of his vicinity, and in a good Catholic school, for his parents believed in giving him all the advantages that lay within their power. When fifteen years old, he began earning his own living, working at various things for a number of years. It was his ambition to go into business for himself, and in 1892, he established a first-class buffet, and has been conducting it ever since.nOn November 10, 1896, Mr. Kubale married Mary Mandlick, at Clarks Mills, this county. Four children have been born of this union: Marie, aged fourteen; Clarence, aged twelve; Gertrude, aged seven; and Raymond, aged four years. Mr. Kubale is a member of the Catholic Knights of Wisconsin and has been treasurer of that organization for the past eight years. He is a republican in politics, and takes an active part in public matters, having served for sixteen years as town clerk and justice of the peace. He has shown his business ability to a marked degree, and his word and opinion carry weight in political circles, and he wields a strong influence in this part of the county.