Joseph Geigel 

*25 Nov 1865 - †30 Apr 1946


a) Came to this country to settle in Clarks Mills at the age of two. After marriage they lived in St. Nazianz, where he had a meat market, until moving to Manitowoc in 1916. He was employed as a carpenter. In Manitowoc, he was employed by the shipbuilding company and the American Seed Company, before taking a position as custodian at Sacred Heart school.nnTranslation Of Baptismal Certificate:nAccording to the Baptismal book of this place...22, it is hereby certified that on the 25 day of November 1865 (Eighteen hundred and sixty-five) in Honosic, district of Bischofsteinitz and Pilsen circuit, there was born and on the 26 of November thereafter in the parish church in Hrodzen by the writer according to the Christian Catholic rite in the presence of the sponsors Joseph Trzing, a day laborer in Honosic and his legitimate wife Maria Trzink, as well as the licensed midwife Theresa Wraka, also of Honosic, was baptised JOSEPH KAIGL, legitimate son of Matthias Kaigl, a day laborer of Honosic N. 17, and Katherine, nee Kaikl, daughter of Jacob Kaikl, a farmer in Honosic, N. 34, and Anna, nee Ryba, also of Honosic, N. 34, both members of the Catholic religion, and is attested to not only with the impression of the parish seal but also by the handwritten signature of the preparer. Parish office in Hrodzen on the 8th day of May 1867 Jn Wotera, PastornPresent names of cities and towns mentioned:nHrodzen - HradecnHonosic - HonesvicenPilsen - PilsennBischofsteinitz - Horsovsky Tyn